Drunk and diapered

Hi my all little diaper lovers! Today i picked a movie about little Skye, she was bad girl and came home totally drunk. Hers mother found her in the morning and she was pissed in her pants. Mother was totally shocked and decided to punish little Skye. She took some photos and threatens to add them in My space unless she will do as she is told. Little Skye learns that she must wear a diapers as she behaved as untrained toddler. Her mean mother forcibly removes her panties and diapers her then dresses her in baby clothes and treats her just like the baby she used to be many years ago. Skye is humiliated embarrassed but helpless to resist. The whole action you can find in full length movie and be sure this is really hot!

Drunk and diapered

if you want some more diaper action and different stories there is amazing site there everything is related with diapers and other adult babes stuff.

Posted: October 22nd, 2010 under Big girls in diaper.

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