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Hi my dear visitors! I wasn’t updating my blog for a while but my fetish hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m still playing with diapered girls and this still makes me crazy. Recently i was updating my records of cool sites about cute little diapered girls and i want to share about one of it.  The site is Aunt Ellie and I’m pretty sure you have a membership there but if any doesn’t know about it let me tell you. The site is amazing, the girls are real and they likes diapers. Actually they love to wear it and i love to watch them. They have lot’s and lot’s of photos  and videos of different girls so you will end your evening with smile in your face. There is not much to read something but pics are amazing. I will add some to preview just for you.


I love these girls! They pose in public just for us and you can imagine playing around with all of them. Touching the soft skin, feeling warm body, touching cute little diapered ass. Have you ever smelled the diaper from the body? It’s something new, something created just for you and me!


Start your journey here!

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Cute baby Candi

Hi again! I know you love girls in diaper so much so i updated my blog with new cute girl. Meet up with sweet baby Candi! She is one probably the most lovable AB young ladies I’ve discovered thus far & she adores her double wide attends masking her curvy bottom part. Enjoy her jump all-around in her pink bedroom by using all her playthings till she becomes drained and changes for nappy nap moment.

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Sexy diaper video on youtube

Hi! I found very nice and sexy video on youtube, it’s really tease you enough to grab some more diaper videos and have fun on evening. Nice girls tight diapered ass and here it go:

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Real diaper fetishists

Hi! Today i will add some new site to check for you as they got real amateur content of cute diapered girls. It’s really nice to see the real diaper lovers, they understand how do we feel and the girls give us pics with their dirty fantasies. Also there are some nice movies like Lauren’s Nappy Change! and so on. They have a really wide community and there you can find secret stories about real diaper fetishists. Like here is some peace of the story:

I was naughty last night so today I’m going to do a diaper punishment. So starting now, I’m already wearing a disposable nappy under my jeans and am just about to walk to the pub to pick up my car which I left there last night. Then I have a couple of errands to run. I’m not too sure whether or not the nappy shows but if it does, well I suppose I should learn to stop being naughty.

I love to read these stories and you can get them lots. Be sure to check the preview link if you are not sure for joining.

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Adult baby girl

Hi boys and girls! Today i have such a great news to all of adult girls in diapers lovers, as i have the newest content from adult baby girl website. You know they have amazing database of movies and i was sitting and watching for hours.The cute little girls playing in diapers this you must see and feel. The quality is perfect and you will get all you want there. Today i will add some pcis from movie so grab them and hurry to join them.

Diaper gilr diaper baby
How do you like this little baby? The movies is awesome, sadly i can’t share it here with you, but you can join and grab them instantly. It’s hard to explain what you will see in their members area as all site is simple and full of our content. Yes the baby girls in diaper everythere and just waiting for you!


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Cute little diaper girls

Hi my all diapers lovers! i have a great news for you ass i have some really nice pictures of cute little diapered girls from adult baby source. They gladly gave me some to share with you and i can be sure that you will be amazed. The girls are so cute and little just imagine how you can diaper them all. They like to play around and have some fun just be sure to watch them. Here i will add a little gallery for you:

diapered girlcute doc cute little diapered

i have much more of these but be patient and you will see them more and more. Anyway in the meantime you can join baby source as they have in great size these pictures and the movies are amazing. I will add later some diapered girls movie samples or you can watch some previously posted. They are really great so be sure you will download them all.


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Diapered detention

Hi all my diapers lovers! Today you will have a possibility to get a free diapered detention movie so be sure to grab it. You only need to write email to Wendy and she will send you the link to download it. this apply only to the new members so be sure to join a grab it. The adult baby source is amazing with the newest content and all other diaper stuff so be sure to join there.


Here is the storie you will see.

diaper detention

High school student Sasha had been kept behind class in detention. She is still being naughty and thoroughly deserves the OTK spanking she gets from her teacher, Mr Jeffries.
She is made to stand facing the wall on the Naughty Mat and ordered not to move while Mr Jeffries leaves the room for a short while. Sasha is busting for a pee and decides she would really show Mr Jeffries for ordering her not to move by peeing there and then on the mat.
Her furious teacher returns and spanks her hard and then calls for the school nurse to forcibly diaper her on the desk.
Sasha still doesn’t know how to quit while she is ahead and acts so babyish that Mr Jeffries instructs the nurse to push a pacifier in Sasha’s loud mouth dress her in a baby bonnet, booties, smock and pants over her diaper. He then sets up a playpen at the front of the classroom and bodily lifts her into it to spend the rest of her detention time.

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Forced into diapers

Hello all diaper lovers! Let me proudly present the new diaper movie “Big Sister Bully”. I have decided to review some of diaper movies and post here just for you. This time the whole storie will be about forced diaper, it will be used like as punishment. We like to be punished in that way, do we? The two girls are left at home by parents, and one little nasty girl don’t like to act like adult. She has trashed her room and Kari, who has been left in charge, yells at her to clean it up. Our little Felicity don’t want to listen and Kari decided to punish her. She takes some diapers and baby clothes and informs Felicity that she had her’s chance and now she will look like she acted before. She will look like baby! In this time the fun begins. The little Felicity will be diapered and all cleaning and other things will be done in this way.

Be sure to check free trailer and order whole movie about this two girls!

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Drunk and diapered

Hi my all little diaper lovers! Today i picked a movie about little Skye, she was bad girl and came home totally drunk. Hers mother found her in the morning and she was pissed in her pants. Mother was totally shocked and decided to punish little Skye. She took some photos and threatens to add them in My space unless she will do as she is told. Little Skye learns that she must wear a diapers as she behaved as untrained toddler. Her mean mother forcibly removes her panties and diapers her then dresses her in baby clothes and treats her just like the baby she used to be many years ago. Skye is humiliated embarrassed but helpless to resist. The whole action you can find in full length movie and be sure this is really hot!

Drunk and diapered

if you want some more diaper action and different stories there is amazing site there everything is related with diapers and other adult babes stuff.

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Plastic babes


Hi all diaper lovers! As you know I’m trying to cover all websites around the web, where diaper is the main subject. Today i found a new one, a plastic babes site there adult girls wears plastic diaper. It’s really amazing and nice content as you know how is hard to get these. The girls are very cute and looks like tiny babes ready to play some games. They have a soft skin, little titties and I’m sure you will be total happy after you play a while with them. They also have lots of babes which love plastic and you will find the new things for sure. I was very pleased and spent my Sunday with all these little babes.  So i will keep searching for new ones in the meantime be sure to join the plastic babes. Good luck!

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